• Medical data
    accessible from any device

    An innovative approach to
    the consultation of health data.

  • Health Customer Care

    We offer the first innovative health customer care service.

  • Your health
    in a click

    With LifeinCloud steps from the paper,
    to the world of cloud.

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Personal Medical Records

Consultation of their medical records has never been so simple and safe thanks to LifeinCloud! Create in a few clicks your own medical records and access from your device (smartphone, tablet, computer) safely from anywhere.

Various modes at your disposal allowing you to share medical records with your doctor or make it accessible to paramedics in an emergency.

LifeinCloud innovate the basic concept: the person isproprietary data and thus is also the manager.

Health is the primary duty of life.

Oscar Wilde


Store and review all documentation relating to your hospitalization.

Medical checks

Enter all of your medical checkups. LifeinCloud will guide their management.

Therapeutic treatment plans

Manage your therapeutic treatment plans.


Our devices will help your helpers in the event of an emergency.

Take good care of your body, it is the only place where you live.

Jim Rohn

Medical Centers

The Customer Care you need

LifeinCloud revolutionizes the custom: is the Medical Center following the patient with targeted customer care and preventive activities

Medical centers earned the trust of their patients becoming "partners". In addition to the typical functions of CRM, LifeinCloud produces signs for prevention and promotion campaigns.

We should take care of health as it takes care of enjoyment, then you would never sick.

FranÇois Gervais